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Who We Are

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Imiloa, PE5

Orkney Fastliner 19

'Imiloa' is a 6m long vessel with a small cuddy for shelter from the weather. She passed her latest Maritime and Coastguard Agency safety inspection in June 2021, and is ideal for the sort of bass line fishing we do, moving between marks in areas with strong tidal currents. Imiloa is fished as a day boat and is equipped with insulated fish boxes with flake ice.

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Dr. Rob Blyth-Skyrme


I have a lifetime of interest in the sea, and have spent many happy days fishing since first picking up a rod aged 4. Since then I have earned a degree in Marine Biology and a PhD in fisheries management, and have worked for the last 20 years on commercial fisheries issues, globally. Sustainability has always been a key focus, and I am happy that we can offer exceptionally fresh, sustainably line-caught fish to our customers.


Viv Blyth-Skyrme

Operations and management

I have always loved the sea and, similar to Rob, I studied Biology at university before completing a Masters in Marine Conservation. I subsequently worked as a Government advisor on marine issues and as a scientist, studying deep water corals in Hawaii. I now work behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth running of the company.

The Blyth-Skyrmes


Our kids are fortunate to have always lived near the sea and to have had opportunities to spend time beside it, in it and on it since their very first moments. As parents we are careful to ensure they respect the water appropriately, but work hard to ensure we pass on our love of the marine environment to them, including of the need to care for it for the long term.

Our vessel and people: Meet the Team
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