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Local and Sustainable

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At Hurst Point Fisheries Ltd., we have long held an admiration for the people who make their living from the sea. Certainly, on nice days it can be great to be out in a boat, but the sea is not always nice and fishermen and fisherwomen head out daily from ports all around the country in almost any weather. 

As well as rough seas, the British fishing industry is now struggling with issues including spiraling costs, competition for space with other marine industries and activities, and a lack of interest from and / or opportunity for young people. Fishing is also suffering an image crisis in the wider world - we are all increasingly aware of the need to be good stewards of the natural environment, and some fishing practices do have a considerable environmental impact; unfortunately, sometimes people think the whole industry deserves to be labelled as 'unsustainable'. 

Our company operates on a very small scale, but we nevertheless aim to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. We do this by using gear that is highly selective (we literally catch bass, only), packaging that is recyclable or compostable, and by maximising the quality and value of every fish we land so that we don't have to catch as much to have a viable business. In essence, we can't complete with the big boats, but then we aren't trying to - ours is a different product and ethos. 

We are also focused on localness - we want people to know more about and value our own marine environment for the long term because we have some truly wonderful places and features in the waters around us. We also have some absolutely delicious fish.....! 

So, yes - we are supporters of the British fishing industry, and complete advocates for localness and sustainability. We very much look forward to working with our customers to promote these values as we move forward!  

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